On the ROCKSHOW this week…

…Its part one of our ‘Greatest Hits of the Rockshow 2012‘ review including the music, the news and the interviews that all made the Rockshow throughout the year.
Featured bands/artists include Shinedown, Little Angels, Europe, UFO, Pat McManus, Rival Sons and excerpts from our Jon Lord tribute.


email presenter Andy Fox via rockshow@gtfm.co.uk

Listen live in the Pontypridd, South Wales area on 107.9 FM

and in the Bristol area on 93.2 FM

or on the Internet by pointing your media player at


For further listening options try visiting either

www.gtfm.co.uk or www.bcfm.org.uk



21.00 every Thursday on GTFM and BCFM


One Response to “On the ROCKSHOW this week…”

  1. Stewart Eadie Says:

    Hi Andy if you like the Nimmo Brothers album, check out the last ‘King King’ album

    From fellow Glaswegian Stewart Eadie

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