Tony Bourge in the GTFM studio

Tony Bourge

Without doubt a very special Rockshow this week as ex-Budgie guitarist, the man who committed that legendary “Breadfan” riff (and so many more!) to vinyl, Tony Bourge joins Andy Fox in the GTFM Rockshow studio to talk about his days in one of Wales’ finest ever bands and introduce tracks from his long time coming solo album “Crank It Up“.


(46 mins, 44mb)


4 Responses to “Tony Bourge in the GTFM studio”

  1. Tony Eyre Says:

    Tremendous show great to hear Tony again after all these years Budgie were the very best heavy rock band of the 70s and Tony was the best guitarist Budgie have had. Well done Andy!

  2. Dan Avidan Says:

    What an outstanding guitarist. Seems to be a very down to earth guy too. I hope he knows that his hard work throughout the years means a lot to us!

  3. Im a Scottish promoter did Tredegar a few times lovely lad great band

  4. clive harris Says:

    I play guitar myself , amazed at the speed of lead on tracks like stranded and the jazzy lead on slower tracks . Budgie used to play at Barry Memo a lot in the 70’s. My middle name is Anthony – wish my playing was that good!

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