Andy’s Best Of 2013

10 : Dimensionaut – Sound Of Contact


“Phil Collins son, Simon and his band deliver a pop/prog début full of the pedigree that you’d expect and a bit more. Classy prog for the 2000s.”

9 : Dark Emerald Highway – Pat McManus Band


“He’s a great mate, and all round nice guy, and a brilliant guitarist, evoking the spirit of Rory Gallagher, Gary Moore and Thin Lizzy, but putting he’ unique stamp on it. Deserves more recognition in my opinion.”

8 : New Horizon – The Answer


“Love the band, love what they do, but this was a slight disappointment, by their standards, for me. Still in my top ten tho’!”

7 : Rockville – FM


“Not quite as good as Metropolis, the comeback, but anything they do, has class written through it, Crosstown Train, Only Foolin’, and Story of My Life, just keep it beefed up guys! Live guests on the show in March.”

6 : The Winery Dogs – The Winery Dogs


“Supergroup three piece, featuring, Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan and Ritchie Kotzen, could of been a disappointment, but hit the mark.”

5 : Filthy Empire – Heaven’s Basement


“Yet another début, and long awaited, from a band who’ve been around for ages. Its an album packed full of heavy rock anthems, and they’ve been on the road to promote it all year.”

4 : All Hell Breaks Loose – Black Star Riders
“Another début, from the ‘ex Thin Lizzy’ Black Star Riders, it an all American band these days, plus Ricky Warwick, but don’t let that put you off!”

3 : The Temperance Movement – The Temperance Movement
“Début album from a band who’ve worked hard on the road this year, and it paid off with a Top 12 chart entry. Interviewed twice on the show during the year.”

2 : Now What?! – Deep Purple
“Proving there’s life in the old dog yet, Purples first album for seven years and well worth the wait.”

1 : The Raven That Refused To Sing (and other stories) – Steven Wilson
“Head and shoulders and pushing the boundaries of rock to the extreme, not just prog. Standouts are the sublime ‘Drive Home’ and the title track, but its all good.”

The best gigs of 2013…
The Temperance Movement – Bristol
FM – Pontypridd
Black Star Riders – Bristol
Pat McManus Band – Bristol
Saxon, FM, Temperance Movement – Steelhouse Festival

and finally…
thanks to you all for supporting the GTFM & BCFM Rockshow in 2013 by listening, contributing and visiting the “listen again” website.  All the best for 2014!!!


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