On the ROCKSHOW this week…

…we talk to the legendary guitar maestro Steve Vai, on the anniversary tour to celebrate his album ‘Passion and Warfare‘ album.  Staying with the guitarist theme, we also preview the return of Ritchie Blackmore with Rainbow for his first ‘rock’ gig in 19 years!
We’ll feature ‘Earth‘, the new album from Neil Young with new music from Jeff Beck, Heart, Dead Daisies, Cadillac Three and we’ll look at the ‘rock’ at the Glastonbury festival!

email presenter Andy Fox via rockshow@gtfm.co.uk

Listen live in the Pontypridd, South Wales area on 107.9 FM

In the Bristol area on 93.2 FM

and on the ROCKRADIO.UK network

or alternatively by pointing your media player at


For further listening options try visiting either

www.gtfm.co.uk or www.bcfm.org.uk



21.00 every Thursday on GTFM, BCFM and ROCK RADIO UK


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