On the ROCKSHOW this week…

…we celebrate the 45th anniversary of a ‘prog rock’ classic, ‘Fragile‘ from Yes. It’s was the first Yes album to feature Rick Wakeman (who’s recent had his first solo top ten album for 40+ years) and we’ll hear from both Rick Wakeman and vocalist Jon Anderson about the making of the album.

We’ll have a quick chat with Damian from Brit Floyd, the Pink Floyd tribute band playing Cardiff and Bristol, with tickets to give away for both shows!
Our featured album comes from Blackfield, the collaboration between Steven Wilson and Israeli singer Aviv Geffen, plus all the usual features.


email presenter Andy Fox via rockshow@gtfm.co.uk

Listen live in the Pontypridd, South Wales area on 107.9 FM

In the Bristol area on 93.2 FM

and on the ROCKRADIO.UK network

or alternatively by pointing your media player at


For further listening options try visiting either

www.gtfm.co.uk or www.bcfm.org.uk



21.00 every Thursday on GTFM, BCFM and ROCK RADIO UK


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