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Wayward Sons

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Toby Jepson and Nic Wastell from Wayward Sons join Andy Fox in the GTFM studio just before the beginning of the first Wayward Sons headline tour…

(nb. 1hr 38 mins largely of conversation!  Music is edited down for copyright reasons)


Wayward Sons

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Toby Jepson returns once more to the Rockshow studio… this time to review 2017 and the progress to date of new band Wayward Sons

Part one

Part two

Part three

TobyJepson – Wayward Sons

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With live dates imminent – including a set on Sunday at the Steelhouse Festival – and the debut album “Ghosts Of Yet To Come” due in September, Toby Jepson returns to the Rock Show studio to co-present another 3 hour show with Andy Fox.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Toby Jepson’s Rockshow Takeover… 2

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Toby Jepson takes over the Rockshow once again, this time with a “Unsung Heroes” theme….  with the music edited (for copyright reasons) this is the version “for posterity” with Toby talking about what the selections mean to him, alongside some more stories from his career to date and his plans for new outfit “Wayward Sons“.

(Note :  the full, unedited show will remain on the BCFM listen again service at for a few weeks)

Toby Jepson

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Former Little Angels and Gun frontman Toby Jepson phones in to the Rockshow with details of forthcoming dates with Fastway and the announcement of his new band Wayward Sons.


Colour Of Noise

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Live in the studio this week, Matt Mitchell and Bruce John Dickinson introducing their new band Colour Of Noise.   Answering listener submitted questions, playing some of their own selections and chatting presenter Andy Fox about career past and present the pair also showcase their new music with an Rockshow exclusive three track session featured in the download IN FULL and also in the video below.


(67 mins, 64mb)


Toby Jepson’s Rockshow Takeover

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Whilst the full show will remain on the BCFM website for a few weeks, here for posterity (with the music edited as usual for copyright reasons) is the Rockshow Special,  taken over by Little Angels frontman Toby Jepson featuring his anecdotes, song selections and responses to listeners questions.

Please note that the quiz has now closed for entries!